Swift's Attic Dinner Menu

Executive Chef Donnie Forehand


Mash Ups | 10

panko fried mash potato balls, filled with today’s special selection and served with a side of housemade dipping sauce

Tiger Apricots | 10

bacon wrapped apchipotle honey mascarpone, cilantro emulsion, arugula

Charred Edamame | 9 (vegan, gluten free)

chile oil, salt trio, pop rocks

Rillette & Focaccia | 15

chicken and chorizo rillette, avocado puree, pickled onions, candied pecan, housemade focaccia

How We Roll* | 19

marinated sirloin, grilled scallion, kimchi rice, red miso aioli, panko, galbi sauce


Kale Caesar | 10

kale, parmesan cheese, croutons

Broccoli Crunch Salad | 13 (gf)

steamed broccoli & kale, red cabbage, arugula, chile lime cashews, bacon, pomegranate, caramelized shallot Riesling vinaigrette

Carrots Al Pastor | 17 (vegan, gf)

roasted rainbow carrots, pineapple butter, grilled pineapple, cauliflower puree

Fungus Among Us | 21 (vegan,gf)

local wild mushroom risotto, white miso, mirepoix, sherry, crispy shallot, mushroom conserva

Fried Brussels Sprouts | 11 (vegan, gf)

finger lime nuoc cham, pickled onions, crimini mushrooms, golden raisins, toasted almonds

Pad Thai | 16 (vegan, gf)

butternut squash & carrot noodles,tamarind peanut sauce, tempeh chorizo, trumpet mushroom, green onion

Meat & Seafood

Lamb Meatballs | 25

spicy ground lamb, feta, orzo horiatiki, saffron piquillo pepper sauce

Swift Kick in the Chicken | 26 ( gf)

airline chicken breast, truffle tahini sauce, fingerling potatoes, truffle caviar, pickled mustard seed

Porky Pie | 25

braised pork cheeks, pie crust, sweet peas, mushroom, herb oil, braised carrot puree

Seoul Food* | 23

grilled Gulf shrimp, Korean BBQ butter, kimchi grits, bacon, fried soft boiled egg, jalapeno, Fresno pepper, radish, cilantro

Just for the Halibut | 34

pistachio-crusted halibut, blood orange beurre blanc, charred butter lettuce, pistachio green goddess, ube tuile

Rosewood Ranches Wagyu Ranch Steak | 42

fried duck egg béarnaise, sweet chile romanesco, purple potato puree

and don't forget Dessert...

Pastry Chef | Gabby Roberts

German Chocolate Cake | 10

chocolate mousse, pecan praline filling, chocolate cake, pecan porter ice cream, beer crumble, coconut macaroons

Cherry Pie Churro | 9

cinnamon churro, cherry preserves, brown butter crumble, pumpkin ganache, candied pepitas, cream cheese ice cream