The beloved Austin gem Swift’s Attic is thrilled to bring you The Swifty Experience, a unique dining opportunity to the comfort of your own home. Turn down the lights, light the candles, press play on our hand-selected, corresponding music list, and watch how-to and dish description videos from our team while enjoying creative, whimsical, and delicious Swift’s Attic cuisine.

Tonight's Features


  • Chef Donnie Forehand and his team are back in the kitchen creating modern, whimsical takes on classic American dishes with worldly influences. The Swifty Experience includes step-by-step videos detailing the plating and serving of your take-home dishes.

We are brining the famed Swift’s Attic hospitality filled with character and charm to your at home dinner experience. From longtime veteran and funky sock-wearing Mark Fradel to always quirky and fun Jonas Hertz to whiskey-a-go-go and cocktail crafter extraordinaire Curtis Hansford, The Swifty Experience will include videos with detailed descriptions of our dishes and cocktails to bring the Swifty vibe directly to your home.


  • Known for its eclectic and upbeat array of music in the dining room, The Swifty Experience includes a curated playlist for you to enjoy while plating, eating, and socializing over Swift’s Attic cuisine at home.