11 Decadent Sundaes to Try in Austin

July 29, 2016

The start of August in Austin means we have at least two more months of high heat before things start to cool off. But on the bright side (and we mean bright), that also gives you plenty more time to try out all the delicious frozen treats around town. And the 11 ice cream sundaes below are a great place to begin.

  • Lemon lavender dewberry sundae at Lick Honest Ice Creams
  • Lick's latest featured sundae starts with a citrusy-floral lemon lavender ice cream, topped with a sauce made from fresh Central Texas dewberries and ice cream cone bits. Stay tuned for more Lick sundae and ice cream sandwich specials to come.
  • Brownie sundae at Coast
  • End a seafood dinner at newly opened Coast with a delicious brownie sundae, made with fried banana ice cream, toasted coconut and peanut-cornflake clusters.
  • Thai coffee sundae at Holla Mode
  • For a unique take on ice cream, try the Thai-style rolls freshly crafted at Holla Mode, a trailer on Barton Springs. Each sundae is made to order, with flash-frozen ice cream scraped into rolls for topping. The Thai coffee sundae is flavored with coffee, cardamom and vanilla, and drizzled with condensed milk. (And we added chocolate sprinkles because...why not?)
  • Helote sundae at Michoacana Natural Ice Cream
  • We promise you've never had anything quite like the helote sundae at Michoacana Natural Ice Cream. A play on the words helado (ice cream) and elote (Mexican street corn), this sweet-savory creation brings together cheese ice cream, corn, crema, chile powder and a squirt of lime.
  • Connoisseur sundae at Prohibition Creamery
  • This new soda fountain-like bar on East Seventh Street slings both cocktails and boozy ice cream. The signature sundae, called the Connoisseur, comes with scoops of salted caramel, whiskey chocolate and tiramisu ice creams, hot fudge and bourbon whipped cream. (Though, considering adding a Luxardo cherry to the top brings this bowl to a steep $11, some may opt to customize a combo there instead.)
  • Salted caramel sundae at CANTINE Italian Cafe & Bar
  • CANTINE's housemade vanilla soft-serve goes into more than Brandy Alexanders and sgroppinos. It's also used to make a salted caramel sundae, topped with salted nuts.
  • The Ritzy Lemon Stacker at Cow Tipping Creamery
  • At this always-innovative soft-serve shop, the latest special was the Ritzy Lemon Stacker, made by twisting together Earl Grey and lemon curd soft-serve flavors, then layering them with Ritz cracker lemon bar chunks, brown butter Ritz crumbs and a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce. Be sure to follow the shop's Facebook page, as it launches an ingenious special each week and keeps it in rotation.
  • The Honey Bear-y at SPUN Ice Cream
  • SPUN's latest seasonal special, The Honey Bear-y, is made with three scoops of blueberry ice cream (spun to order using liquid nitrogen) and topped with honeycomb toffee, corn cookie crumble and a tiny white chocolate bear. Get it during the short window for Texas blueberries, because everything fluctuates with the seasons here!
  • Banana split at Sway
  • Sway's banana split is like no other. Forget the boring Neapolitan trio typically associated with this dessert. Instead, find milk chocolate five spice, condensed milk and cashew caramel swirl ice cream topped with black sesame brownie, candied cashew, coconut milk jam, drunken cherries, bananas and whipped cream.
  • Vegan sundae at Sweet Ritual
  • Vegans rejoice at Sweet Ritual (which recently moved into a brand-new location), where all the ice creams, cones and toppings (including syrups, sprinkles, marshmallows and fudge) are completely vegan. Create your own sundae from the list of rotating flavors, then select add-ons...such as salted caramel and edible glitter if you're seeking the Glitter Beast.
  • Easy Like Sundae Morning at Swift's Attic
  • The seasonal sundae currently on the menu at Swift's Attic is a seriously special creation, with one scoop each of HausBar duck egg vanilla ice cream, chocolate Earl Grey ice cream and strawberry ice cream, drizzled with chocolate caramel and topped with hazelnut crunch and caramelized white chocolate pearls.