Mon-Fri 11am-2pm

Executive Chef | Donnie Forehand

Sous Chef | Braeden Mathieu ~ ~ ~ Sous Chef | Matthew Stansfield

Pastry Chef | Krystin McCarley


    Blistered Shishitos : garrotxa-Banyuls emulsion v, gf 9

Charred Edamame: chile oil, pop rocks v, gf 7

Bacon Wrapped Dates: chorizo, arugula piquillo pepper sauce gf 8

Squid “Fries”: roasted garlic aioli, charred lemon 12

  • served with your choice of soup, salad, or fries

    substitute gluten free bread 2

    Bowling Alley Burger*: ground Akaushi beef, melted fontina, griddled onion, B&B pickles, fancy-ass special sauce, potato bun 13

    Koreuben: soy glazed pastrami, red miso aioli, kimchi, griddle zucchini, fontina cheese, sourdough 15

    The Smokin’ Hawaiian: slow smoked pulled pork, coleslaw, barbecue sauce, grilled pineapple, potato bun df 14

    Fried Chicken Sandwich: spicy crispy thigh, fontina, pickles, kewpie mayo, hot sauce, green apple slaw 15

    Tender Belly Pork Cheek Banh Mi: shaved fennel, jalapenos, cilantro, nuoc cham, jalapeno dill aioli, pickled carrot, fresno, daikon 14

    Cauli Steak: grilled cauliflower, roasted peppers, pickled peppercorn chimichurri, marinated onions, garrotxa-Banyuls emulsion, potato bun v 13 Vegan Me

Sandwich Add On: jalapeño 1 | tomato 1 | egg* 2 | avocado 2 | bacon 4


Salmon & Kale Caesar*: Atlantic salmon, kale, parmesan cheese, croutons 19

Steak Salad*: Korean BBQ flank steak, spinach, crispy shallots, kimchi rice croutons, galbi vinaigrette gf df 18

BLT Salad : romaine, frisee, avocado, bacon, tomato, red onion, garlic croutons, poblano ranch 15

Granny’s Rad Salad : radicchio, romaine, arugula, Granny Smith apple, TX chevre, toasted walnut, caramelized honey vinaigrette v gf 14 Vegan Me

Ceviche Power Bowl*: lime marinated salmon, kale, cilantro rice, black bean, blue tortilla strips, cucumber, avocado vinaigrette gf 16 Vegan Me 12

Fish & Chips*: crispy market fish, house cut fries, Swift’s tartar sauce, arugula salad 15

Falafel Mezze: olive dijon hummus, naan, tomato-cucumber salad, avocado tzatziki v 13

Grain Bowl: farro, sweet potato, walnut, mint, arugula, red onion, feta, tahini dressing v 12 Vegan Me

Protein Add On: steak* | salmon* 8 | grilled chicken | falafel | chicken | shawarma 6

  • Kennebec House Cut Fries: 5
  • House Salad: arugula, parmesan 5
  • Soup du Jour: 5

    v- vegetarian gf- gluten free vg- vegan df- dairy free Vegan Me- can be vegan

*These items are cooked to order and may be served raw or undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness. **For those with food allergies, please inform your server.