10 Year Anniversary

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Celebrate 10 SWIFTY Years!

Since opening in 2012, we have had award-winning chef's, dishes, and drinks, an amazing group of people to work with (some of whom are still with us!), a kitchen fire, SXSW parties, weddings and engagements, pandemic struggles, upgrades, the best community support, Lots of BIG ASS BURGERS, a ghost, and much more, all paired with bumpin' Swifty beats of course. Celebrate our decade ALL month long!


August 1st, 2nd, & 3rd -- The Return of the Big Ass Burger

August 8th -- 13th -- Ice Ball Cocktail Features ALL Week

August 20th -- 7-Course Chef's Menu (tickets below)

August 22nd -- 27th -- Whiskey Features ALL Week

August 31st -- 10-Year Anniversary Swifty Party (tickets below)

As Always, Keep it Swifty!

A portion of proceeds will benefit our friends at Good Work Austin -- supporting Austin’s small businesses throughout the pandemic and beyond, while feeding our local communities facing food insecurity.