Wu Chow and Angry bear Unveil Ma Po Tofu Renditions

May 19, 2014

Chinese food enthusiasts will lament our city’s traditional lack of good Chinese cuisine, but all of that is about to change. The dish we’re most excited about? Ma Po Tofu, that spicy Sichuan specialty with fermented bean sauce, tofu and pork.

Check out the beautiful example above from highly anticipated downtown restaurant Wu Chow, coming from the Swift’s Attic team (mainly manager and partner C.K. Chin). The team has been taste-testing recipes to great effect, and this one caught our eye. It features a spicy chili oil with fermented bean paste and minced pork, plus thick chunks of flavorful tofu. (Also look out for exciting dishes like Sichuan and Chinese eggplant with jicama and ginger- scallion lobster).

But Wu Chow isn’t the only one working on the dish. Chef Rene Ortiz previewed his new Chinese concept Angry Bear at Live Fire, serving a powerful rendition of Ma Po Tofu that was spicy as all get out, with a fiery (pun intended) ground pork on top of the tofu.

In other words, brace yourself for some amazing chef-driven Chinese food coming to Austin soon.


  • 315 Congress Ave.
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • 512.482.8842

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