Where to eat in Austin right now: 6 brilliant sandwiches, from Italians to po'boys

August 6, 2014

Austin culture writer Michael Corcoran once joked that the city’s four food groups were “Tex-Mex, BBQ, Thundercloud and other.” Over the past several years, a number of local eateries and chefs have helped Austin raise its sandwich game considerably. The tricks of the trade aren’t complex — brined meats, homemade garnishes and fresh bread are among them — but employing some of them makes a huge difference in the quality of these offerings.

Below you’ll find a half-dozen excellent sandwich creations that are worth ordering this month.

Swift’s Attic’s “Porkstrami” ($11)

A highlight of the Swift's lunch menu, this monstrous sandwich swaps beef with pork as the protein in the brined, smoky pastrami. The sandwich is served on wide, thin slices of toasted sourdough, which add flavor but don't get in the way of the meat. A jalapeno sauerkraut, fontina cheese and a moderate dash of Russian dressing finish off the heavy but delicious dish. While the sandwich is excellent, it may be too much of a good thing as a lunch portion. But you can order a half portion with a salad, cup of soup, or fries during lunch service for only $8, a true steal for a nice lunch downtown. If you're up for the challenge, the kitchen recommends adding a farm egg (a $2 upcharge) for maximum enjoyment.

  • 315 Congress Ave.
  • Austin, TX 78701
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