The Top 50 Swifts Attic #20

November 14, 2013

The weekend crowds, noise and hip design can sometimes make this place feel like a club as much as a restaurant, but management knows how to cultivate that vibe and makes everyone feel like they are part of the party. The best way to enjoy Swift’s is with a group, allowing you to sample a variety of plates like chili-glazed chicken wings with crispy and smoky sweetbreads; cobia crudo with a salty-sweet watermelon gastrique; and tender goat shoulder served with plump homemade ricotta gnocchi. Callie Speer’s whimsical Popcorn & a Movie (buttered popcorn gelato with a crunchy housemade candy bar, caramel corn and root beer gel) has stayed on the menu since the restaurant opened, and with good reason, but for an alternate dessert idea, try the combination of acid and fat from a plate of strawberries and lardo.

  • 315 Congress Ave.
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • 512.482.8842

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