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SWEET TRENDS What are Austin's next big desserts? Local experts weigh in

September 22, 2014

The culinary world is defined by trends. In 2013, it was

all about going gluten-free, mile-long cronut lines, retro

desserts, inspired ice cream, an emergency Sriracha

shortage, pickling anything and everything, and vegetable

forward entrees. 2014, too, has presented its share of

delicious trends, including ramen, house-cured meats,

fermented dishes and more. But just what is 2014's

signature dessert?

CultureMap asked a handful of Austin pastry chefs to weigh

in on the next big dessert trend. Some of their selections

may surprise you.

Pudding — Callie Speer, pastry chef of Swift's Attic

has bestowed a great deal of culinary influence beyond our

borders, and as a result, traditionally Southern desserts like

pudding are taking hold in culinary meccas like New York

and San Francisco. “I think as Southern food has become

more and more prevalent [and] so have Southern-style

desserts. People really love sweets that take them back to

their childhood, and I think that is why we still see a lot of

cereal milk and other nostalgic desserts on menus,” Speer

says. “We've seen a lot of puddings this year. From bread

puddings to regular old-fashioned puddings, throwback

desserts are still thriving. Momofuku Milk Bar in New York

is doing frozen pudding pops right now during the last hot

days of summer, and when Erica Waksmunski was still

at Congress earlier this year, she did a fried butterscotch

pudding with tangerines and cocoa nibs that was pretty


Speer has even created her own risqué rendition of pudding.

“The Bitch Puddin' at Swift's Attic got a lot of attention this

year mostly for its name, which is after a character on

Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken. The dessert is my take

on banana cream pudding made with malted chocolate

stout, hazelnut beer brittle and banana bubbles.”

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