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Next in Line: The story of The Hightower's Chad Dolezal and why cooking is a family affair

November 17, 2014

Editor's note: As Austin continues to grow and thrive as a culinary epicenter, we’ve started to see certain big name chefs grow to demi-god celebrity status. But in kitchens, bars and restaurants across the city, there is so much more talent that often goes unrecognized. Next in Line is a monthly column celebrating back of the house heroes who might just be the next household name.

What do you like to eat when you’re not working? Because Austin has such an awesome food community, we try to go out and support our friends the same way. Great restaurants like Josephine House, Swift’s Attic, Olamaie — those guys are really amazing and they were big supporters of us when we were getting going — Kome, Contigo. I know I’m probably forgetting a ton of people, but what we try to do ... is say thanks to those people for coming in here. And at home, I cook as simple as I can. We eat a lot of pasta and my mom and my grandmother made really good meatloaf, so we make that. And a lot of tacos.

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