Forbes Names Austin Fasting Growing City Again

February 15, 2014

For the fourth year in a row Austin is the number one fastest growing city in the country, according to the list Forbes unveiled Friday. Everywhere you look around Austin, doors are open for business. Every day new businesses, shops and restaurants are popping up around town. C.K. Chin is the owner of Swift's Attic downtown and said business has been booming.

"We get busier and busier," Chin said. "In Austin people are really happy, and happy people go out and spend money, so it's good for business." Chin said whenever a central business district starts to grow the surrounding areas start to grow with it. "The kinds of people that are drawn to Austin are people who love what Austin is all about," Chin said.

Right now, Austin is all about growth. Natalie Betts is with the City of Austin's Economic Development Department. She said there are several reasons companies are attracted to Austin. "We have a good strategic location and the combinations of a great city to live in, and a great talent pool and a low cost to do business," Betts said. Officials with the city of Austin and the Austin Chamber of Commerce have been working hard to recruit businesses through Opportunity Austin. Since 2004, more than 300 new big businesses have set up shop in Austin.

"That diversification of industries in Austin has been a big factor in why the economy is really strong," Betts said. Company competition is fierce and to keep-up can be challenging, but business owners welcome it, and said that is what keeps Austin thriving. "If you don't adapt you are going to fall," Chin said. "It's a challenge, and we love it."

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