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Farmers Weigh In: Which Chefs Really Source Local?

May 13, 2014

Paula Foore - Springdale Farm

What restaurants source from you regularly?

Café Josie, Driskill Grill, Eden East, Justine's, Peche, Lenoir, Wink, Swift's Attic, Epicerie, Josephine House, Salt & Time and Greenhouse Craft Food.

One thing we've learned is how hard it is for the chefs to go the step beyond the big food distributors and to buy local. Those that do deserve all the kudos we can give them.

Which chefs do you see at your market most often?

There are many chefs that buy at the farmer's markets, and, of course, we don't necessarily see those folks. We see the people that come here to our farm stand, and the ones that stop in regularly are listed on our website. There are other restaurants that we have relationships with as well, but they may shop a little more randomly. They may come to us one week and shop the farmers' markets on another week.

What is the relationship like between you as the farmer and chefs?

We love getting to know the chefs. They are always willing to try new things or to share cooking tips with farm stand customers. Last year, for a variety of reasons, we let some Roma beans get overly ripe. I knew that would make them tough, but I hated to lose the whole crop. I asked Brandon Fuller, the chef and owner of Cafe Josie, who happened to be shopping that day what I might do with them. He emailed me two links suggesting that I dry them and use them like shell beans. We did, and they turned out so good we were able to salvage the crop. We'll actually be growing them again this year for their newfound purpose. Teamwork!

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