CultureMap Insiders meet Mia at Swift's Attic shindig

July 12, 2014

CultureMap hosted an exclusive wine tasting event at Swift's Attic on Wednesday where guests sipped Mia, a line of Spanish-inspired wines that recently launched in Texas. Under the expert guidance of Swift's Attic Chef Mat Clouser and Abby Yates, and Pastry Chef Callie Speer, guests ate delicious bites matched with an array of Mia wines. Compressed zucchini "lasagna" matched beautifully with Mia Rosé, while the Mia White was paired with carrots in three textures. Arguably the most popular dish of the evening (the server was swarmed every time he brought out a new tray), the grilled beef flank flatbread with red chimichurri was served with Mia Red. Also available for sipping were the Mia Moscato and the Mia Pink Moscato. Winemaker Gloria Collell was on hand to answer questions and fill guests in on how she went from working for Spain's Freixenet to crafting her very own wine. (Freixnet partnered with Collell to make Jenny Gacy, an artist and illustrator, added her own bit of spunk to the shindig by crafting custom- made portraits out of thumb prints. Making sure the music didn't stop was DJ Nabiya de Grace. Jill Bauerlein and James Benson, Yvette Herrara, Maura Gonzalez, Chris Sheppard and Natalie Paramore were among the CultureMap Insiders taking part in the evening. Katie McCoy, Shawna Fletcher, Aruni Gunasetaram, Ely Hobbick,Alania Cater, Amanda Stewart, James Hall and Lorena Lopez also enjoyed the festivities.

  • 315 Congress Ave.
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • 512.482.8842

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