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Our Halloween Big Ass Burger- The "Spooktacular" Brains, crunchy worms, and gooey guts on top of a patty of darkness complete with green ooze and bloody frys. This burger isn't for the faint of heart, beware!

Gettin' a little toasty out there today so we decided to cool off with these babes

Favorite outtake from today's photo shoot, the Quail & Blue Cheese Grits! Getcha some!

Tonight's Big Ass Burger: Daddy Fat $tacks - Scratch bun, 100% beef Cake, carmelized onion Gravy, smoked Cheddar, duck fat Cabbage, Green spinach, all on Yukon Gold potato chips. Pairs nicely with $3 Monday pint nights in the bar & lounge. #bigassburger #twelveatnine